Soil Health Lunch and Learn - Americus, GA
11:30 AM11:30

Soil Health Lunch and Learn - Americus, GA

Soil Health Lunch & Learn
Golden Triangle RC&D, through a cooperative agreement with NRCS, will be holding a free Soil Health Workshop on October 19th, 2019 at The 1800 Mexican Restaurant in Americus, GA.
This Lunch & Learn workshop session will be from
11:30am to 1:30pm.
A complimentary Lunch will be provided for those attending.

For more information or to make reservations for the Workshop please call Golden Triangle RC&D at (229) 723-3841 or email at

Please RSVP by October 16th

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"Escape from Zombie Swamp" Fundraiser
6:00 PM18:00

"Escape from Zombie Swamp" Fundraiser

"Escape from Zombie Swamp"

Dinner, Silent Auction & Escape Room Fundraiser

A couple of local non-profits have teamed up to provide dinner and a tour at the home of the illustrious Dr. and Mrs. VonBamboozal.  The couple moved to the community 2 years ago and have virtually been reclusive since their move.  Rumors have swirled about who they are and what they do……but actually very few people in the area have ever met the couple. 

Dr. and Mrs. VonBamboozal purchased a mansion formally owned by a hometown football player that went pro.  After he was cut from the team and spent all of his money, he put the house up for sale. No locals would purchase the home because not only is it located directly in front of the Greystone Asylum, it is surround by the Zombie Swamp.  The locals have heard years of rumors regarding the swamp and several people have gone missing from the area.

No matter, you are thrilled to purchase a ticket and can’t wait to attend.  Word around town is that only a chosen few have been invited to purchase a ticket and you can’t wait to meet the illusive couple and look around their home. 

Just as dinner begins the VonBamboozal’s secretary, Andalina, runs in shouting “They’re loose……and they are headed this way….Get out now while you still can!!!   You are confused but you get up to leave.  Suddenly you hear doors slam and locks click into place….

Can you and your team find the key and get everyone out in sixty minutes?  Tickets for the event are $30.00 each and will include dinner, a silent auction, and the chance to Escape the Zombie Swamp.  A beer and wine cash bar will be available.

A limited number of tickets will be sold.  The game is played with tables of 7-9 people.  Gather your friends to join you for a fast paced evening of deciphering messages and solving clues to find the hidden key.  (Tickets can be purchased individually, however, we recommend that you buy them in groups of 7-9 if you wish to be seated at the same table and work together as a team.)

All proceeds from the event and proceeding silent auction will go to Golden Triangle RC&D and Pataula Center for Children.

Contact James Andrews at Golden Triangle RC&D for more information:  229-723-3841 or

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Prescribed Burn Demonstration & Workshop
8:00 AM08:00

Prescribed Burn Demonstration & Workshop

Prescribed Burn Demonstration & Workshop


Golden Triangle RC&D will be holding a prescribed burn demonstration and workshop from 8am– 2pm on February 15th.

Class will be held at the Main Street Theater in Dawson, Ga.

After the class, a live burn demonstration will take place at a nearby location. Please wear long pants, long sleeves, (cotton or Non-synthetic clothing) and closed toe boots. Lunch will be provided.

To register contact Golden Triangle RC&D at  (229) 723-3841 or Registration Deadline is February 11th.



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