Bacterial & Chemical Water Testing Certification


Golden Triangle’s Julie Shutters is a qualified instructor in this program, enabling us to offer certification workshops in this bacteria & chemical water testing program. This training is valuable not only to community volunteers with river groups like Flint Riverkeeper, but also landowners and anyone involved with managing water resources. 

Project WET, WILD and Learning Tree Training for Teachers


Golden Triangle Resource Conservation and Development Council through a generous donation from ADM- Golden Peanut, conducted teacher training for Project WET, WILD, and Learning Tree.  Ten science teachers from the third, fourth, and fifth grade in Early County Elementary in Blakely.   

 The teachers gained the knowledge of additional curriculum activities that could take place inside and outside the classroom. As part of their workshop, the teachers received the Project WET and Project WILD curriculum books.  They also received 6 individual activity ready sets for each classroom.  

The teachers were engaged with the activities and excited to introduce their students to new educational outlets to encourage growth, understanding, and reconnection with nature as a teaching tool. 

The Golden Triangle RC&D has staff trained to teach Project WET, WILD and Learning Tree

Golden Triangle RC&D provides various other services to the citizens, communities, and agencies of our service area.

Assistance for other non-profit organizations

We offer classes and support for other non-profit entrepreneurs in the arenas of Board Development, grant writing and getting established through completion IRS forms. Help is available to organizations who would like to become a 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit. This includes completion of the IRS 1023 form. 

Grant Writing

We assist others in writing grants, and occasionally partnering with others to write grants on behalf of other organizations.

Technical Assistance for The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

Golden Triangle has a cooperative agreement to provide specific Technical Assistance to NRCS in the areas of forestry and archeology. We have hired a full time forester and an archeologist to provide technical services around the state as needed for NRCS.

Conservation Planning Assistance

Golden Triangle RC&D and NRCS have a common purpose of helping to bring about the conservation and sustainable use of land, water, wildlife, and related resources. In September of 2015, Golden Triangle signed a three year cooperative agreement with NRCS to provide technical assistance to landowners in Southwest Georgia for the development of Conservation Plans. Golden Triangle RC&D visits landowners identified by NRCS, completes conservation plans, and enters the plans into Toolkit. Golden Triangle promotes the importance of conservation planning and encourages landowners to contact NRCS through our normal activities and speaking opportunities.

All assistance provided by Golden Triangle RC&D meet USDA NRCS standards and specifications as set forth in the Field Office Technical Guide.