Telling Conservation Success Stories With

The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

Golden Triangle has a contractual agreement with the Georgia State office of NRCS to tell some of the great success stories of conservation empowered by NRCS programs and services across South Georgia. These stories of people working the land have been created using videography, photos, and written stories based on personal interviews.  Read about just a few of the success stories from people who've come to know and trust the Natural Resource Conservation Service and recognize the value of natural resource conservation .


A Passion for faith, farming & friendship

Jason Womack's journey through life's storms.


Foresight & Fathering

A civil rights leader's son carries on the legacy through chicken farming.


A Return to the Land

Following a career with the FBI that included two years of service in Afghanistan, Lindy Savelle returned to the land of her husband’s roots in Southwest Georgia.


Keeping it in the Family

The story of the 134 year-old Ponder family farm.